Testing Bluekeep CVE-2019–0708 Metasploit Module on Windows 7

Setting Up

Getting a Blue Screen

Finding the NPP

  • First, download the vmss2core tool https://labs.vmware.com/flings/vmss2core;
  • Take a snapshot of the VM;
  • Look for the .vmsn and .vmem files generated after the snapshot and copy them to the vmss2core directory.
  • Run the tool, passing the files in this order:
  • >vmss2core-sb-8456865.exe -W “Win7_64b-Snapshot1.vmsn” “Win7_64b-Snapshot1.vmem”
  • After that you have a memory.dmp file.
Searching nonpaged pool (fffffa8002402000 : fffffa805fc00000) for tag 0x2020202a (*   )






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Alexandre Vieira


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